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One-to-one online appointments offering you fast, effective therapy in the privacy and comfort of your own home, worldwide.

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What is aerophobia?

Any phobia can be defined as an irrational fear. Fear of flying can be said to be irrational as flying is proven to be one of the safest forms of transport. And yet people who are happy to cross a road, or ride in a car (statistically far more dangerous activities) can be terrified of flying. 

I see clients whose anxiety starts the minute they book a flight or know a journey is coming. This may involve sleepless nights, panic attacks and extreme anxiety long before a flight, building up to tears and pure terror during the flight itself.  The time away from home can never fully be enjoyed because of anxiety over the return journey. This phobia can severely effect lives and restrict travel, but the good news is – it’s treatable!

Above the Clouds

What is EFT?

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), or ‘Tapping’, is a clinically proven therapy combining the benefits of talking therapy with energy work to effect change quickly at a deep and physical level. Whilst widespread in the USA, it’s relatively underused in the UK and I’m on a mission to change this! Whilst I’m also a qualified hypnotherapist, I choose to only use EFT as I find it more accessible and effective. My aim is to provide you with this incredible tool that you can continue to use by yourself on anything that is bothering you after our sessions are complete.

How I treat aerophobia

I always start with a free consultation, during which I will ask lots of questions about the nature of your fears and look for causes and connections with other areas of your life. This allows me to check I’m the right person to help you, and gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. This typically lasts 20-30 minutes. 


After this, if we both agree to continue, we can run straight into a therapy session or set an appointment time for later.  A session lasts approximately one hour.


We continue to discuss the various aspects of your problem, whilst tapping on acupressure points which are all located on the face and upper body. I show you what to say and do – you just copy! It’s a very simple and accessible technique suitable for all ages. We continually monitor your feelings and you will be amazed at how quickly you feel the shifts happen!  Once an emotion has been removed with EFT, it will not return.  We continue to work until we have dealt with every aspect of the issue – like making sure all roots of a weed are fully removed so it cannot regrow!

How long will it take and what does it cost?

Typically a severe flying phobia is removed in around 3 sessions – it may be less or more depending on the complexity and connection to other events in your life. With each session costing £65, this offers a cost-effective solution to a life lived in fear. I would expect you to feel progress after each and every session. Treatment can be terminated at any time if either party feels that progress is not forthcoming. 

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Before EFT with Suzanne: As soon as I'd book a flight ticket, I'd get anxious even if the flight was 6 months away. I'd lie in bed at night thinking about how I am going to get on the plane and my heart would start racing.... This would happen almost every night after booking the flight ticket.  On the day of the flight, I'd panic and feel anxious when I'd wake up, if I'd manage to sleep at all... When taking off, I'd normally cry and my hand would hold on tightly to the seat. I'd feel like I want to scream: "Stop the plane, I am getting off!!" Don't even get me started on turbulence. I couldn't even talk about it without getting anxious!

  After EFT with Suzanne: I had three sessions with Suzanne. I wasn't really sure what to expect but I was happy to give it a go. This fear of mine was stopping me from living my life to the fullest. After my first session, I felt very emotional, good emotional…All I can tell you is that IT WORKED! I flew on Monday and not once did I feel anxious, nervous or worried. If someone told me a week ago that I would feel like this, I'd call them crazy! I felt completely free!

 The flight was bumpy but not once did my heart stop because I thought we were going to die (I know this is a bit dramatic, but this is genuinely how I'd feel with any slight turbulence).  

 We even had to wait on the plane an hour before we took off because of some understaffed issues and I still felt ok! Normally, the more I'd have to sit on the plane the more anxious I'd feel!!!  I don't want to tell you that this is some kind of magic, I still had to sit at the back (I was not ready to let go of all my "rituals") but it definitely worked for me.

 Second flight after sessions: I was absolutely fine on the way back.... I was looking out the window when taking off and when landing!! I never thought I'd say that I enjoyed a flight!!! So thank you! Forever grateful.

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