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How Can I Help You?

Emotional Freedom Technique, or Tapping, is a gentle but highly effective therapy for many conditions.

Tapping Heals

Quick, effective Therapy

Parental/Birth Anxiety

Parental anxiety can start the minute you find out you’re expecting, and never stops even when your child is fully grown! EFT can help with all related issues such as anxiety during pregnancy after miscarriage, fear of giving birth, birth trauma, post natal depression, and the myriad of emotions that come with the responsibility of parenthood.


EFT is brilliant for calming anxiety. We will gently explore the causes behind your worries and remove them one by one.

Physical Issues / Pain

Whatever the root cause of a physical problem, pain is experienced in the brain. Current thinking is that around 90% of our pain is created by our emotional response to our physical problem. EFT can significantly reduce pain and increase range of movement. 

Trauma / PTSD

Conventional talking therapies require you to talk about your traumas without actually offering resolution. EFT allows you to address past trauma through dissociative techniques - you don't even need to tell me what the problem is, unless you want to! You don't have to relive the incident which makes it a very gentle, but highly effective, approach. We will not remove the memory of it, but aid your brain to process it and massively reduce or even remove the emotional impact of it. Many studies have shown the effectiveness of EFT in treating PTSD, including in war veterans.

Weight Loss

To lose weight, you need to burn off more than you put in! I can help you investigate the causes of emotional overeating, or discover and remove your blocks to help you reach your goal. EFT is also very effective at removing cravings. 


As a parent myself, I have a particular interest in working with children. EFT is a gentle and accessible technique for kids and I have treated anxiety, phobias, sleeplessness and eating issues. If your child is old enough to recognise and talk about their feelings, they are ready for EFT!


What is holding you back from achieving your goals? Together we can investigate and remove limiting beliefs and experiences that are holding you back from reaching your full potential.

Chronic Conditions

Many people today are living with chronic conditions, such as ME or Fibromyalgia, which modern medicine can’t cure. Treatment is usually in the form of pain relief or ongoing management. EFT can help chronic conditions by working through the inevitable emotions surrounding them – anxiety (‘Will this ever get better?’) anger (‘Why me?’), grief over lost opportunities and pain. Working like this may significantly reduce symptoms.


Flying, spiders, snakes.... whatever your phobia, you don't have to live in fear. I've successfully treated many phobias and don't worry - you won't have to face your fears head on!

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