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Past Lives – Fact or Fiction?

Do you believe in the concept of past lives? It’s such an interesting question and one I’ve never been sure of.

On the one hand, it’s a fact we are all made purely of energy, and energy can’t be created or destroyed, merely change its form. So presumably, what makes us who we are is very likely to have already been inside someone, or something, else. Can this energy hold memories, information, pre-programming even? It seems plausible enough to me.

Then there’s the concept of ancestral wisdom. We are programmed to survive. Therefore what one generation learns needs to be passed down to the next for the continuation of our species. Is this done purely through active teaching, or is there something genetically within us which holds this knowledge? For example, children born to survivors of the Dutch Famine in the 1940s were 30% more likely to be overweight in adulthood. Researchers speculate that famine exposure could lead to changes in DNA methylation that stimulate being overweight. Or that surviving babies might have genetic profiles enabling them to thrive on fewer calories.

On the other hand, I’ve had no personal experience of this. Much as I would have loved to have been an Egyptian Princess in a past life, there’s no part of me that suggests this is true. I have had no memories that seem to belong to a lifetime before my own. I’m an Energy Therapist who is also deeply logical and am always looking for evidence and science to back up what I do. It’s hard to see how this could be proven.

However, I do sometimes work with past lives. I use a technique called Deep State Repatterning, developed by EFT Founding Master Tania A. Prince. Whether these are actual past lives, or merely a construct is actually irrelevant – it’s a technique that works. The mind loves to work metaphorically and it can facilitate change at a very deep and effective level.

I have met clients who say ‘I don’t know where this belief/knowledge comes from, it doesn’t feel like mine!’ Take phobias for example. Sometimes there has been a sensitising incident that explains a person’s phobia. But sometimes there is nothing. Is it just buried very deep, or could this be an ancestral memory, something handed down from an ancestor who is trying to protect them?

Although it’s impossible to say for sure, I did encounter a very interesting case last week which made me think again. I was working with a client who started by telling me a story from her childhood. Like me, she was from the generation who had their BCG (Tuberculosis) vaccine given in the early years of secondary school. Typically, kids would line up in the school gym where they’d be pricked for the Tuberculin skin test, to see if they required the vaccine. If the marks vanished, which they almost always did, a week later the vaccine would be given. My client said they just knew that under no circumstances were they going to have that vaccine! It wasn’t a phobia of vaccines or needles, that didn’t bother them, but for some reason they knew the vaccine had to be avoided. They deliberately irritated the skin daily so the marks wouldn’t vanish, and they escaped the vaccine! As an adult, they couldn’t believe they had done this and just didn’t understand where that feeling had come from.

In their early adulthood, they later discovered that their Grandmother had tragically lost her sister, at about the same age as my client had gone to such lengths to avoid the vaccine. This little sister, the absolute apple of the grandmother’s eye, had been given the Smallpox vaccine at the age of 2 and it had killed her, out of the blue. She had previously been completely healthy and it obviously devastated the whole family, but particularly the Grandmother who doted on her baby sister. My client thought little of this until awaiting the Covid vaccinations. They were really keen to have it, logically, as they could see only benefits. But again, there was the voice that said that she absolutely couldn’t have it, ‘but it’s not coming from me’. They pushed through the voice and had all the vaccines, because again, it was not a phobia of needles or actually having a vaccine and they really wanted to have it, but felt this needed to be addressed. We used Deep State Repatterning to talk to the 11 year old Grandmother who had just lost her sister, and allowed her to express her feelings, which had been supressed at the time, through my client. The client found this an emotional experience, understandably, as it was a very sad story. The client felt emotional release and resolution. It will be interesting to know if the voice is still there where my client is next faced with a vaccine!

I have also witnessed people with specific memories or flashbacks that simply haven’t come from their own lifetime as they can tell by the situation or clothing, marking it out as being from a different era. Could this have come from a dream, or a long-forgotten movie scene, for example? Or is it somehow a link back to a time our energy was in someone else? And if so, could that affect our behaviour in our current lives?

One individual was experiencing visual images of a scene that could only have taken place centuries before, accompanied with very strong physical sensations of dread that felt like a cloak over their body. They had been experiencing this recurrently for 9 years. During Deep State Repatterning, this scene was explored further, and the figure within it was indeed wearing a cloak. As it was explored, the client found an astonishing amount of parallels between the emotions of the character in the scene, and her own emotions and issues now. Was this a true past life, where the experiences the old self had gone through were directly affecting this new being? Or was it merely a metaphor through which they were able to explore and understand things they had never understood or even been aware of before?

The truth is, it doesn’t really matter either way if exploring these situations enables someone in the present to remove blocks, gain a deeper understanding of their behaviour or break patterns which no longer serve them. It’s an incredibly effective metaphorical technique.

At the end of the day, I am not a spiritualist, medium or clairvoyant, I’m here to help people in the present day, with their current issues. However, exploring perceived past lives, or the stories of our ancestors, can help us examine our behaviours, and allow us to be creatures of the present by freeing ourselves from the limitations of our pasts.


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